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UK manufacturer of Tape Machines & Tape Applicators, Laminate Application Machines for the packaging industry: box, carton, sheet, corrugated products & automation.

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Tape Solutions are a committed team with the solution to your taping opportunity or problem and are the right choice to design and build your taping machine, laminating machine and tape automation. We have the cost effective answer to give efficient production, high quality and accuracy and have vast experience in working with the massive diversity of tapes used worldwide. We have worked with most adhesive tapes including finger lift tape, closure tape, tear tape and combi tape and can handle tape in tape rolls, tape bobbins and tape reels for high production rate taping machines. Our experience with tape automation is second to none and along with tape application machines we also specialise in adhesive gasket placement, adhesive gasket vacuum transfer and adhesive gasket pick and place.

Areas of experience include high speed tape applicators, automation, packaging, corrugators, convertors, PVCu extrusions, electrical and automotive industries involving robotics, electronics, PLC control and pneumatics. As well as full machine design and build we have the experience and expertese you require and are fully equipped to cater for virtually any industry requirement.

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