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UK manufacturer of Tape Machines & Tape Applicators, Laminate Application Machines for the packaging industry: box, carton, sheet, corrugated products & automation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Specialist tape projects?

We can build most custom tape systems from a full blown production machine with auto tape cutting and product feed through and no operator intervention, to small hand operated machines for taping of lower quantities. We work with a number of highly respected companies to solve customers problems and are respected for the professional systems we build.

As we say 'We've got it taped!'

Are the tape machines durable?

Our taping machines are very durable and we only use top quality parts to approved standards. We keep a big range of tape machine and laminating machine spares in our stores for rapid delivery to keep service downtime to a minimum.

Are there any products that cannot have tape applied to them?

Applying tape to soft materials that have hairy surface texture can be problematic but we can usually find a suitable tape and taping machine for most materials

What is the maximum width for a laminate application machine?

We have made laminating machines to apply laminate up to 2 metres in width but wider laminating machines would not be any probelm for us.

Whatever type of laminate you would like to apply you can be sure that we can make suitable laminating machine for your laminating process.

Can Tape Solutions supply us with the best taping machine for the job?

Our team has a lot of experience with all aspects of industry and we are careful to not specify a tape machine or equipment that is not suitable or over complicated for the customer

Can Tape Solutions source the best tape for us to use?

We work with most of the quality tape suppliers such as 3M tapes, TESA tapes, Lohmann Tapes and many more and have a lot of experience with adhesive tape application using most types of tape and laminates.

We can advise on the best supplier for most adhesive tapes including finger lift tape, tear tape, combi tape, closure tape, adhesive gaskets, etc


How fast can tape be applied?

Our high speed servo tape heads for the packaging industry have been run at 100 metres per minute for tape and cut to length versions but speed depends upon the tape and process requirements.

Fast taping machines have to be carefully designed to be suitable for your taping process. Our tape machine design service is experienced to be certain that you have the correct tape machine for the job of applying high speed tape correctly.

Are the tape machines and laminating machines safe to use?

All current EU safety regulations are strictly adhered to for our tape machines, laminator machines and all other products; as are latest electrical standards. Health and safety are the foremost considerations in our tape machine design and stringent in house testing ensures that our machines are made as idiot proof as possible. All of our tape machines, laminating machines and automated machines are CE marked for compliance.

What if the tape machine parts wear out?

We keep all wear parts for our tape machines and laminating machines as stock items in our comprehensive stores. Our shelf stock includes tape applicator rollers, spares for tape dispensers, tape cutting blades, tape tension measurement parts and tape rewind equipment parts.

Why buy a Tape Solutions taping machine?

We have many years experience with adhesive tape machines working with taping a diverse range of products from simple powder coated beam taping machines, taping high tech thermal insulation products and very high speed tape machines for packaging, box manufacturing and carton manufacturing. You can be sure that you are buying the most cost effective tape machine or laminating machine for the job that will give reliable service. We are also always on hand for technical backup should you have any questions regarding taping or adhesive tape selection.

Why should I buy a Tape Solutions tape applicator or laminating machine?

When supplying our machines we always work closely with the customer to ensure that they have the best machine for the job. Operator training is inclusive in the price, full spares back up is provided and if there are any technical questions regarding it's use or maybe a new product setting that the customer is not clear about from the manual we are only a phone call away with the answer.

Why should we use Tape Solutions for our work?

We are committed to the needs of our customers and do our utmost to ensure that their requirements are met with taping machines and products of a high standard at the right price on time.

Tape Solutions has a highly skilled and committed team. All staff are hands on being involved in design, development and in house building of tape machines, laminator machines, tape dispensers and automation. This had the advantage that our expertese is high and we are all conversant with aspects of your project. We work with many companies manufactring tape worldwide and can draw on their expertese of applying adhesive tape and adhesive laminates to give you the right 'tape solution' that you require.

Will these taping machines work with any type of tape?

We have applied most manufacturers tape with our tape machines. The tape quality makes a big difference and some of the budget tapes will not give good performance and can cause adhesive build up on the tape machine which makes servicing more frequent.

How much do the tape machines cost?

Everything is dependant upon speed, width of tape or laminate and accuracy of application. As you would pay more for a sports car than a city runabout then the high speed machines obviously cost more than the budget bench manual load taping machines.

Our high speed tape machines have to use very high quality PLC control, encoders and servo parts which to be reliable and accurately apply tape cannot be compromised whereas the bench machines can use cheaper parts to reduce cost.

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