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UK manufacturer of Tape Machines & Tape Applicators, Laminate Application Machines for the packaging industry: box, carton, sheet, corrugated products & automation.

Hot Melt Adhesive Paper Tape Applicator

With the never ending quest for high taping speeds tape Solutions have developed this servo controlled high speed hot melt paper tape applicator to be fitted to folder gluer or similar machines where there is enough space. The secret of high speed taping is to remove as much tension from the tape as possible and to do this we feed the paper tape into a loose box so as it can be pulled very quickly on demand from the tape head. The closer we are able to fit the tape feed equipment over the top of the tape head means the faster it can operate and we can apply this hot melt paper tape up to 120 metres per minute when fitted correctly and software matched to the folder gluing machine.

We also have a high speed tape feed for tear or finger lift tape mounted onto the same overhead gantry and these tape feed units can be moved to position as required across the machine. Finger lift and tear tape when set up correctly will apply tape at up to 90 metres per minute when software has been tuned ideally.

We can supply this as a complete package complete with all hot melt equipment or just the taping equipment to operate in conjunction with your existing hot melt equipment.

Everything is tailor made in the UK to your specific requirements for optimum performance.


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