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UK manufacturer of Tape Machines & Tape Applicators, Laminate Application Machines for the packaging industry: box, carton, sheet, corrugated products & automation.

Standard Tape Applicator and Taping Machine range

Tape Solutions manufacture a standard range of Tape Applicators and Taping Machines from small bench tape machines for hand loading to portable offline taping machines for large sheet feeding. Our offline tape machines can be small hand fed tape machines to large auto feed tape machines with auto sheet stacking of the taped boxes or taped cartons at unload. They operate with 3M tape, TESA tape, Lohmann tape, Nitto tape and all other brands of quality tape.

Many companies require an off the shelf tape applicator or adhesive applicator to apply tape to cartons, boxes and sheet products.

Tape Solutions have a standard range of tape applicators designed for applying various tape/adhesive widths to a diverse range of products.

These can be small footprint tape machines designed specifically for packaging departments or despatch areas.

These versatile taping machines can be set to chosen speed to suit operator skill and can apply tape to almost any flat product and materials from thin plastic to corrugated sheets.

Tape position is adjustable for inset by rapid set function to give accurate tape alignment and good tape position

They are fully programmable for tape speed, tape start, tape finish position and tape length.

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