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UK manufacturer of Tape Machines & Tape Applicators, Laminate Application Machines for the packaging industry: box, carton, sheet, corrugated products & automation.

Universal Tape Machine

This taping machine is for customers that require the best of both worlds and a taping machine without compromise to apply tape from either rolls or spools to choice.

The point of sale industry has to supply products in small and large volumes and small volumes are made at premium price and large volumes at very tight margins. It makes sense to optimise tape costs to best suit the point of sale products and that is what this taping machine is for.

When volumes are large tape can be bought in large spools of 2000 metres plus and linear tape cost is low and also the tape machine will not need to keep on stopping to change over tape rolls which makes it very efficient for applying tape. When production runs are small then minimal tape can be bought in rolls which although more costly in terms of length would not require many rolls of tape to complete the job.

This machine is also specially designed to not scratch parts where the surface finish is critical by not having any fixed parts that can rub on the surface while the tape applicator applies the tape to the surface. This tape machine is fully programmable to apply tape in long strips or several short tape lengths commonly known as 'Spot and strip' taping. It can also allow for holes and gaps in the parts that would otherwise get caught on the machine or trigger start and stop sensors into mistaking the hole for the end of the part.

Tape tension control is very accurate to minimise tension which would otherwise bend light parts due to the tape being too tight.

This taping machine also has our own special tape control system to make tape run very smoothly and tape changes as fast as possible. It will also apply tape to left and right handed parts due to being able to fit the side guide on either side of the taping machine.

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